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5 01 2009

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LEED Leads to Buildings that Burn More Energy

21 12 2008

I keep hearing that many LEED certified buildings actually burn more energy than those that claim no “green” status. While studying for the LEED AP exam, I came across at least one obvious reason for the energy glut of buildings prizing a LEED certification and thought I would share it here. 

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Make 3D Texture Maps with the Acme Brick Masonry Designer

12 12 2008

mdThe Acme Brick Company has a handy tool that architects and designers can use to see how various brick patterns, designs and colors may look.  They call this tool the “Acme Brick Masonry Designer” and it is downloadable for free at . Although not originally meant for this purpose, I have been using this tool for years to create my own custom brick texture maps for architectural 3D models. The Masonry Designer Tool allows you to build a custom swatch of bricks with just a few clicks. Choose the colors of bricks and mortar from the Acme brick palette and various other parameters such as the type of coursing (i.e. running bond, soldier, etc), and the size of the swatch, in an easy to use interface. When you have constructed the perfect swatch of brick, just save it as a jpeg so you can use it as a texture map for your 3D model. I have used this technique for Autodesk Viz models but I am sure it can be used for various other 3D programs. The only downside is that the Acme Brick Masonry Designer tool is not compatible with Macs.